August 19 2014
One of the largest freighter aircraft in the world, Boeing 747-8F by Korean air, landed to Navoi international airport
July 25 2014
Korean Air Sales Representatives from it's global office visited Navoi International Airport to promote cargo logistics through the airport
July 25 2014
Uzbekistan airways prolonged promotional prices for tickets to the flights from Tashkent to Navoi and vice-versa
April 24 2014
Among 45 airports, Navoi International Airport has been ranked 1st based on freight operation, high quality performance and service, for 1st quarter of 2014.
April 24 2014
On April 20th, 2014, Japanese Media visited Navoi International Airport. They highlighted development process of the airport, its future visions and potentials as Logistics hub of Central Asia.
March 7 2014
Ticket price for routes Tashkent-Navoi and Navoi-Tashkent has decreased
March 7 2014
On march 6, 2014, a group of delegation from South Korean visited Navoi International airport
January 22 2014
Currency Exchange Services are available now on the second floor at passenger terminal of Navoi International Airport
December 26 2013
The website of Navoi International Airport was chosen as the best website of 2013, within the whole Navoi region. The contest was held according to a decree (14.10.2013, №Ф-70, about organizing a contest to choose the website of Navoi region) of Navoi regional governer, Turdimov E.O.
December 19 2013
Korean business delegation visited cargo terminal of Navoi International Airport
Navoi Wed, 20 Mar

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